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Yes, there is a dearth of Naught news at this time - September 2013. The latest we've heard is that things are moving along, albeit at their own pace. Such is the business in Hollywood.

We will bring you the latest when we get it.

Or as Jeffrey Berman, Naught producer, has so eloquently put it 

"[...]Hollywood is a cruel mistress, who just when you think you’ve got her figured out, rears back and crushes your hopes and dreams like the stale end of a cigarette butt that’s burnt deep into the filter, under the stiletto end of her ruby red high heel shoes. And yet, no matter how many times she breaks your heart, you still answer her every call, nipping at her feet like a lost puppy who was kicked to the curb yet managed to find his way home after several cold, damp nights of bitter desperation, clinging to every tiny morsel of affection commonly referred to in this town as encouragement.

[...]Hollywood may own us, but they will never break us".

Thursday April 17, 2014

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